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Smile Group appointment check list

Sometimes we don’t know what to say or how to express our feelings verbally. This check list is for you to download and complete prior to an appointment with a professional in order to help you. Be as open and honest as possible and you can either use it as a prompt for yourself or hand over to them to read.


Professional Referral Form

Professionals can refer into our service for a family with permission. This form should be completed in full and can be sent via egress. A professional referral form is needed for the 1:1 home visit service.


Self Referral Form

If you wish to refer into our services please complete this form. In order to access the 1:1 home visit referral you will need a referral from a Health Professional, ie health visitor, GP, Midwife, Specialist Perinatal Mental Health Team or a Family Service Worker


Staying at home: supporting you with your routines, activity and wellbeing

Self-isolating can be lonely, frustrating and sometimes overwhelming. Your routines and the roles you identify with have likely changed, albeit temporarily. You may have older children who are now off school or getting used to working from home.

We wanted to create this resource to support you through these times, in particular to think with you about how your routines, activities and relationships can support your mental health and wellbeing.


Bonding with your baby… Becoming a parent

These are extraordinary times. Preparing to become a parent during the Coronavirus Pandemic creates many new and unexpected challenges, which may leave you with many questions about the path ahead.

This booklet aims to share supportive ideas to help you in your journey ahead, in getting to know and bonding with your baby both before they are born and beyond.


Being Pregnant… Preparing to give birth

This booklet aims to give you encouragement, supportive ideas and help you identify simple steps to care for your wellbeing and prepare to give birth. Lots of mums have continued to have babies safely and happily during the pandemic.

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