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Jane’s story

I was given the details of your groups from my HV shortly after moving to Macclesfield. I came along to find a space that I could talk without judgement and also meet other parents in my new home area. I previously felt very isolated, and my self-esteem and confidence was low.

I accessed groups on occasions that I could, became familiar with Sue and appreciated her staying in contact via email. It was through this contact that counselling was offered, as my personal situation was impacting my mental health and well-being. I have received 7 sessions so far and have gone on a journey with Nadia, one which has helped me immensely and I now have a new found steadiness in how I feel, resilience and excitement for the future.

I know this is still a process and I have a way to go, but the service and Nadia’s sessions have given me direction at a time when I felt very lost. I now know that I can take my next steps, but feel confident and reassured that Smile will be there for me if I need to return or find I need support again. I’m looking forward to your groups starting again and would like to offer my support as a way of thanks to give back as the weeks progress. I genuinely would be in a very different place without Smile.

As described above. It’s difficult to put into words just how helpful counselling has been. First this began as a place to express myself without criticism or judgement, which gradually evolved into acceptance in myself and gently pointing me towards my own strengths and abilities. Nadia made me see that it’s ok to be me, to have feelings that are my own, and to express them along with my values as a parent, regardless of the reactions of those around me. It’s been a process of working through grief, feeling isolated from what was supposed to be family and support as a new mother, and discovering where my new networks of support lie, which I include Smile as one of them.

Without the traditional avenues of support of family I found myself extremely isolated and my self-confidence took a huge knock. However, I now see that support comes in many forms, not just relatives, and finding my own community is my next phase. Without Nadia’s counselling I questioned myself, but I know see that I have the inner strength to take this next phase of my life on. I would like to thank her personally if I could.

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